Many small loans can be cheaper through cross-loan.


Being red in your bank account is no longer something to be ashamed of. Most people recognize themselves in the fact that a month takes a little longer than the amount of your salary. If you are faced with a defective washing machine by the end of the month, it may happen that you have to take out a loan to buy a new one. In addition, it does not hurt to look good in your wallet. More and more people have a credit card in them and they use them more often than you like. They are all forms of small loans that can increase considerably.

Why all small loans are so expensive

Do you have all small loans outstanding, then chances are you monthly pay a considerable amount of interest and repayment. All those small overdrawns and credits together form quite a large item and the overview is already lost quickly. A credit that is very expensive is the owner-occupied home loan. That is the nice name for a loyalty card that you have with, for example, a mail order company. You order something very easily and you pay it back in monthly installments. However, this can increase considerably since the interest rates are very high. An interest rate of 11 percent per year is no exception, and it’s something that costs you a lot every month. It is also good to see if you have a loan can not be refinanced .

Enjoy the low interest rates

When you look at the interest rate you find out that it is considerably lower than it was when you took out a loan. If you pay a monthly repayment on a loan of a few years, you may pay back hundreds of euros a year too much. Sin, because with that money you could do very different things. Do you want to enjoy the low interest rate then it is also a good idea for the loan transfer. You do this by engaging with an external lender who will pay off your credits and enter into a new agreement with you at lower interest rates.

Which loans can be transferred

In principle, any type of loan can be transferred. No distinction is made between an owner-occupied home loan , a overdraft with the bank and a personal loan . All types of loans are bundled and these are placed in one pot. The lender pays the loans to the lenders and then you pay monthly repayment to the lender. There is only one type of loan that can not be transferred in this way; the mortgage. That is a loan with your house as collateral and the lender can not simply take over the loan from the mortgage lender. There an official new mortgage will be used with a notarial deed.