This online loan system is discretionary and, in essence, does not differ from the more traditional methods of providing loan.


An on-line loan, in general, does not involve risks, provided that the reference entity is reliable and the customer is able to navigate in the IT field. The extremely reduced evaluation and delivery times are some of the strengths of this service mode.

It is possible to obtain a loan, which can also be fined through monthly minors, without moving from home, avoiding agency or brokerage costs.
Even if in continuous expansion, for the moment, the loan on the net is still a marginal market, also due to a conservative mentality that leads the potential consumer to a particular distrust towards this means of sale, which excludes direct contact with the specialised personnel.

To obtain a personal loan online you need to have a payable salary or a fixed monthly income.

If the amount of the credit is not substantial, there is no need to provide special guarantees.
The request for funding on the network requires the completion of a specific form present on the sites offering this service. In order to identify the most appropriate type of financing, credit brokerage firms provide a free consultation to provide the interested party with accurate information.
Once the type of loan has been chosen, the contractor is obliged to provide his personal data (concerning, among other things, age, profession, length of service) to start a pre-approval practice. After evaluating the feasibility of the operation (usually within 2 working days), the client will receive by mail, e-mail or fax the forms of the contract that he will have to fill in, sign and send back to the lender, attaching a photocopy of the paycheck, pension slip or single model, depending on the case, together with that of a valid identity document and tax code (if foreign, also a copy of the residence permit).
The requested sum of money is issued within 15-30 days (in case of urgency it is possible to receive an advance up to 80-90% on the loan in a short time) by bank transfer or cashier’s check and the loan is repaid via postal order or with direct debit to the contractor’s current account.