There was little to watch and even less to report on the movement of today’s bond market. Treasuries traded for a few hours in Asia before calming down for more than 4 hours overnight due to the London market shutting down. Domestic traders were slightly better buyers despite another set of record stocks. 10yr yields hit the 3pm close at just over 1bp (1.482). The MBS were also at slightly higher levels.

9:05 am

Very flat at night. Low volume with London closed. 10yr down 0.7bp to 1.486 and UMBS 2.5 unchanged at 102.


Trade uneventfully with a previous force that is now leveling off. 10 years down 1.2bp to 1.48 and MBS just a hair’s breadth better than unchanged.

3:22 p.m.

No change from the previous update. Excruciatingly low volume and volatility.